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New website born 26 February 2009


My Implements

A few pictures of some of the implements , some in use and some not.







Ferguson Transport Box loaded with milk churns

Ferguson Fertiliser Spinner, Feguson Wrench, Cordwood Saw and Sack Lifter (on tractor)

Ferguson Transport Box

Ferguson Dump Skip and High Lift Loader

Ferguson Hydrovane Compressor and Hedgecutter

 Ferguson Hydrovane Compressor and Hedgecutter




Ferguson multipurpose blade , the blade is more or less in as bought condition apart from the pitch adjusting screw which was beond repair and required and new tube to be made and and threaded inside to suit the lever. As the name states its a multi purpose tool and can grade ,level and backfill. It has several different positions and could sometimes be seen with a rear wheel and scarifier which were both accesories. If you know of any please get in touch.

Ferguson 10 tine buckrake , ive had this buckrake in the back of a shed for around 6-7 years now and have only just got around to working on it. The frame had a really bad twist in it and three of the tines were broken. It was built as light as possible to give maximum load capasity, this also meant that when fitted to larger tractors it got abused and this one was luckily good enough to fix.  So far ive removed the tubular frame and straightend it, then re attached it, the tines which were all over the place all sit a lot better now and the broken ones were replaced and one of them had to be made from two seperate tines then welded together to make it the same length as the others.



   Ferguson buckrake in tripped position .



 The picture is of the special top link and locking mechanisim. The toplink allows the buckrake to follow the ground when reversing and pevents it from digging in. The locking mechanism automatically locks the rake when lifted to full height to take the sometimes substancial load of the hydraulics when a road journey was nessasary. Attached to the lower part of the lock is the stand which holds the rake off the ground when removing it as the check chains would not allow removal of the lower links , the reason for such a low attachment point is to give the maximum trip angle possible.


Ferguson earthmover , was in poor condition when i got it and took a lot of freeing off to get into working condition , the blade has a reversable plate at the bottom which you turn around when worn .The blade itself can be offset to the left or right and has overload control by means of three shoes which control the desired load. The load can be adjusted by altering the tension on the two springs by simlpy turning the nuts at the top with the fergie spanner. The blade is lifted by two rods which connect to the lift arms at the back . The earthmover is quite easy to remove and fit by just removing a 4 pins and two brackets that go onto the stabiliser brackets.

Ferguson reversible ( butterfly ) plough , This plough was again in need of a lot of TLC when i bought it . The arms for the coulters were rebushed and fitted with grease nipples , two replacement discs fitted , a replacement bearing was fitted to one of the landside wheels and two skimmers fitted. It was then shotblasted and built up again. This plough has 16" furrows and when in work the tractor sits at quite an angle because it has deep digger bodies. It reverses by a mehanical linkage which seems to work very well.


 Ferguson Post Hole Borer    blah blah blah